Double Agent Hacker Using Hacking Against Hacking


Not all hackers are bad, well most of them are but aside from our security experts, we have ethical hackers that are on our side. They openly hack a company, person or a website with the target’s permission in order to discover vulnerabilities. They are well paid and use their skills for the greater good.

Every year there’s a conference held by ethical hackers from all over the world called Black Hat Europe and it’s usually held for three or four days. They gather up, share information make a plan and go up against the black market.

Catching Online Scammers, Dealers & Drug Dealers With DNS


Brandon Bourret sold software used to invade privacy of Photobucket customers, stealing their private images for blackmail.

Photobucket was the victim of a bizarre cybercrime case, outlined by the US Department of Justice yesterday.

Brandon Bourret of Colorado has been given a 29-month jail term in the case for computer fraud that involved intrusion into the privacy of his victims and online extortion. His accomplice Athanasios Andrianakis was earlier given five years on probation including 15 months in-house detention during which he must work for Photobucket for no pay.

According to the DOJ, in 2008 Bourret created and sold a software application called PhotoFucket which allowed users to illegally access Photobucket, a website which hosts private photo albums of customers, and seek out nude and sexually-implicit images. When the breach was detected, Photobucket upped its security, but Bourret and his co-conspirator Andrianakis were able to find new ways to continue the hack and scam. Read more…



It’s good to know that there are guys in the field ready to defend our privacy or neutralize an attack once spotted. Some of them are ex-bad-hackers. There was an attack yesterday at Photobucket where two guys managed to steal many personal photos and emails and sold them via the Internet. One was sentenced to prison and the other must do detention at home and work for Photobucket for free in that time period. Not all of them choose to use their skills for good purposes.

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