Are There Risks Involved Regarding the Technology We use Every Day?


Technology arrived at a point where it could affect one’s life disastrously because we become more and more dependent on it. We buy goods online using digital information that can be stolen and be used in the same way we use them. This is like losing your wallet and someone else finds it and use the money to buy something.

The difference here is that you can have your wallet in your pocket and someone in another side of the country can buy goods online in your name without even knowing. You realise that the money is missing when you reach to an ATM near you to withdraw some cash or to pay for that pair of shoes at the store and wake up with the surprise that you don’t have enough money on your card.

I’m not talking only about skimming, I’m talking about technology in general and what thieves have at their disposal to use for their crimes.

An Unprecedented Digital Crime Wave is Coming

Let’s look at these technology trends:

  1. Cryptocurrency
  2. Cloud delivery
  3. Self-driving cars, planes & ships
  4. Military, industrial & personal drones
  5. Medical wearables
  6. Personal & professional robots
  7. Digital home automation
  8. Networked devices via the Internet-of-Things (IOT)
  9. Location-based services
  10. Automated reasoning
  11. Digitally-managed digital infrastructures
  12. Digitally-managed physical infrastructures
  13. Robotic surgery
  14. Augmented reality
  15. 3D printing
If I were a cyber criminal, I’d be giddy. While ransomware is a rising threat, it’s child’s play compared to what’s coming. Hollywood screenwriters are overwhelmed with possibilities. Novelists are exhausted with plots. Social media is already describing scenarios of digital death, doom and destruction. So what is the state of risk that the industry is creating? The cumulative effect is positively frightening. Read more…
We might ask at this point what are authorities doing to guard ourselves against this technology? Invent more technology! Now I’m not implying that I’m against technology, I’m writing this from a computer. I love technology, it’s a great commodity but I don’t like the idea of other people passing over personal boundaries like they don’t exist, not minding their own business and harming my finances and stored memories (photos, videos, diary etc.)

How secure are home robots?


They have blinking lights and tend to chirp constantly. One of them can vacuum your living room carpet on a schedule. Another can play games with the kids using artificial intelligence.

Yet, for homeowners (and security professionals) there’s a question about whether home robots could become an attack vector for hackers. Tapping into a live webcam feed and recording it? Stealing Wi-Fi information from an unprotected signal so you can transmit illegal wares? What makes a home robot such an ingenious ploy is that few of us think a vacuum…Read more…


This is just the beginning, with all these tools at their disposal cyber crooks can only lay down and plan their next scheme. Personally, I’m tired of all this cops and robbers game. I’m sure that there is a way out of this situation once and for all.

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