Cell Phone Tracking Just Became Easier Trough Wi-Fi Without Even Connecting


Today if you walk on the street AND you have a cell phone in your pocket you’re a moving red dot on someone’s desktop. It doesn’t matter if you have and IPhone or an Android device.

Now, we all knew that this was possible, what I’m saying is that it became even easier. There’s only one condition that must be meet, to be in the cover area of a wi-fi network. No, you don’t have to connect to it, you just have to be in its reach zone for the one interested in your phone to install malware, intercept calls, and receive fake SMS.


Wi-Fi can be turned into IMSI Catcher to Track Cell Phone Users Everywhere

Wi-Fi Network can be turned into IMSI Catcher to Track Cell Phone Users

Here’s a new danger to your smartphone security: Your mobile device can be hijacked and tracked without your knowledge.

Remember Stingrays?

The controversial cell phone spying tool, also known as…Read more…

This method is used by the people working in the law enforcement. But the population is soo huge and they don’t have time to listen to everyone’s little unimportant conversations about what they cooked and did yesterday. It’s used for more serious problems like intercepting terrorists and mostly law breakers.
My opinion is that if you haven’t done anything wrong and you’re not planning to then you have nothing to worry about. So you can leave the paranoia and enjoy your life without a care. Your concern should start only when owning a cell phone could be a gateway for thought control. And it isn’t, so don’t worry.
Nevertheless, you should watch out for what you install on your phone. You’re still responsible for you actions and there are bad people trying to steal your accounts and credit card information using trap apps, malware and phishing methods.

This Hack Can Silently Break Into 1 Billion Android Apps


Hong Kong-based researchers have demonstrated an attack on a massive number of Android applications, allowing them remote access to whatever accounts lie within. The apps have been downloaded more than 1 billion times, they said, making the impact widespread and severe.

The trio of researchers – Ronghai Yang, Wing Cheong Lau and Tianyu Liu from the Chinese University of Hong Kong – looked at 600 of the most popular US and Chinese Android apps. For 41 per cent of the 182 that supported single sign-on, they found problems associated with OAuth 2.0 – a standard that allows users to have their Facebook or Google accounts verify their logins to different third-party apps or websites. That means the user doesn’t have to provide additional usernames or passwords. Read more…

Beeing informed about what’s possible and what’s not will give you a more clear image of the reality of things. This will help you avoid unwanted situations, fix things and most important rid yourself of preconceptions that people are watching you just because they want to watch you.

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