Always Look at The Bright Side of Technology


Letting aside all the bad and by this I mean ransomware, malware, skimming devices, tracking methods, hijacked surveillance cameras and so on let’s look at the bright side of what’s about to come and remind ourselves how wonderful technology can be. Thanks to technology we managed to save a lot of time and space, save a lot of trees writing down those ideas in Word Documents (activists will love this) and much more. Let’s look at the following article to get a few more in depth ideas.

5 Reasons You Should Be Optimistic About The Digital Age


Even a passing familiarity with headlines these days is bound to induce a certain degree of stress.  Everyone is already on edge as a result of an election cycle that has been among the most acrimonious in recent memory (perhaps ever), with new and unpleasant revelations about both candidates emerging seemingly every week.  Amidst all of the political noise, it is actually easy to miss or tune out another troubling pattern making news: a growing wave of cybercrime and digital disruptions.

Whether it’s Russian hackers meddling with the election, Wikileaks releasing troves of e-mails or entire swaths of the internet going down when a little-known company called Dyn got attacked multiple times in one day by “bots,” which can be categorized as any internet-enabled devices in homes like TVs or thermostats that are weaponized for the purposes of cyber disruption.  It all sounds like futuristic Hollywood creative types getting carried away.  But this is now our reality. Read more…


Yes we find mean people and cyber crooks everywhere on the internet that mean only trouble but there are also big comunities of people that share the same interest that we share like painting, music, stories and so on. This is what the Internet is all about, creating, discovering and sharing.


So let’s get enthusiastic about the future because it holds many wonderful discoveries that we can’t imagine even yet. And after all is good because the vast majority of technology users are good guys on our side. Whatever may happen there’s some group out there that will love to debunk a technology issue just for the sake of curiosity.

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